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Re: [xougen] Draft version of updated FAQ

From: Mathew McBride
Subject: Re: [xougen] Draft version of updated FAQ
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2004 22:32:02 +1100
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Hello David,
There are a few spelling errors in the draft FAQ:


Not only would this involve major rewrites of the widget libraries such as gtk and qt that would also break backwards compatablity with older servers, but one the reasons why X is so good is that it is cross-platform. You can have a series of X clients runing on a bunch of different server boxes like HP-UX, IRIX, Solaris and manange <-- no n between 'a' and 'g'

There are some projects, however, that are attempting to do remote widget handling: picogui come <-- add 's' for plural.
The Xouvert project is currently using the imake build system which is heavily based on using the C Pre-Processor. The Xouvert Project is currently exploreing <-- no 'e' between r and i
Imake makes heavy use of the C Pre-processor (CPP). The CPP works well for pre-processing C source files, but is not well suited for processing make and compile-time configuration files. There are a number of inherent limitations of the CPP which comprimise the usefulness of the CPP, namely that all CPP directives must start in the first columb <-- I don't think the 'b' should be there.

David Ross wrote:
Hey Everybody,
I've got a reworked version of the faq up on my server at <>. It is most definitely a draft version and by no means a final copy. Please let me know what you think and any suggestions--except spelling errors for the moment, I have yet to run it through my spell checker. This draft version is mostly the old version reworked into different sections, however, there is some new content--particularly in the build section. I wrote in some ideas that I had on that subject :). I am starting to go through my mail box for the content that has accumulated over the past 4 months. I will also get to the wiki--actually I'll do the wiki stuff first. ttfn
David Ross






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