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[xougen] Buildsystem

From: Enrico Weigelt
Subject: [xougen] Buildsystem
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 19:38:15 +0200
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Hi folks,

Some month ago, we already had a discussion about buildsystems.

These days I proposed developing a completely new approach for 
software buildsystems, where just the structure of the software
(i.e. what target files / modules, what source, etc) is modeled
in a hierachical structure. (I'd call it treebuild)

If you like, we could talk about the design of this software 
modeling and try to figure out, what features we would require
to get X running with it. 

So I'd start with some small examples. I'm now using a XML 
representation of the tree, but this more secondarily 
(it also could be a c'ish style like in my first proposal)
I'll try to use real examples w/ information from Imakefile's.

Example #1: xc/programs/beforelight

<PACKAGE class="xwindow:applet" name="beforelight">
    <EXECUTABLE name="beforelight">
        <SOURCE name="b4light.c"/>
    <RESOURCE name="B4light.ad"  class="xwindow:xresource"/>
    <MANPAGE  name="b4light.man" lang="en"/>

What can we learn from that ?

+ We've got a package "beforelight" of the class "xwindow:applet".
  This class will define many things which are common to all 
  Xwindow applets (i.e. pathes, libs, ...)

+ We've got one executable "beforelight". Many of its parameters 
  will be defined by the package-class "xwindow:applet".

+ We've got a resource file (FHS says: platform indepedent shared readonly)
  "B4light.ad" with the class "xwindow:xresource", which handles the 
  necessary things for all files of this kind (install path, etc)
+ We've got a manpage file in language "en". From the package class
  the buildsystem will know where to put it on install, whether to
  compress, etc, etc.
For small applets this should be enough individual information.
Any comments ?

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