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[xougen] Announce: xf86lite project: xplit xf86 into small pieces

From: Enrico Weigelt
Subject: [xougen] Announce: xf86lite project: xplit xf86 into small pieces
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 12:54:53 +0200
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Hi folks,

I've just started a project called x86lite:


I'm gonna splitting the large xf86 tree into small pieces, si
single packages can be built individally, so we do not need
the whole xf86 if just only parts (ie xlib) are required.
This also includes making the whole stuff completely cross-
compile'able and support completly automated builds.

One of the first tasks is to remove foreign packages currently 
included in the tree (ie. expat, imake, fontconfig).

I'll supply patches for individual packages and scripts for 
removing unnecessary stuff from the tree (so we do not need to 
uncompress a several-hundres MB tree for just some libs) - this is
extremly useful for automated (mass-)building where it would be 
too hard to recycle the sourcetree.

Contributions are always welcomed :)

If some folks are interested in it, I'll set up a mailing list
for this project.

 Enrico Weigelt    ==   metux IT service

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