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[xouweb] Commit html--mainline--1.0--patch-51

From: Jonathan Walther
Subject: [xouweb] Commit html--mainline--1.0--patch-51
Date: 7 Dec 2003 11:30:10 -0000

Revision: html--mainline--1.0--patch-51
Archive: address@hidden
Creator: Jonathan Walther <address@hidden>
Date: Sun Dec  7 02:54:40 PST 2003
Standard-date: 2003-12-07 10:54:40 GMT
New-files: donors.html download.html helping.html
Modified-files: faq.html howto.html index.html
New-patches: address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--patch-51
Summary: split monolithic page into several smaller files

New content: added information on downloading the Xouvert sources.
Also, split out the information on how to help, and on the contributors into
their own webpages.  Removed the news updates because Johanns "Xouvert Traffic"
is doing such an excellent job.  Updated the Roadmap to reflect our goals for
the second release.

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