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[xouweb] website update and traffic?

From: Johann M. Henriquez Lucero
Subject: [xouweb] website update and traffic?
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 02:07:26 GMT


if it have ME -> i will fix it in a seven days period.
if it doesn't have -> i'm asking for someone to do it.

Website TODO:
- the repetition of the same code in almost every page have
to be fixed (the menu headers with the links of the
website). There are already 26 pages with that, a minor
change in one, have to be changed in the 25 others.
how do we fix this?

* ES:
- ME boink.net --> boinkor.net
- ME start translation of Owen Taylor's mail.
- ME start translation of new FAQ (when EN version become

* EN:
- ME fix menu header of Owen Taylor's mail, is out of date
(it have the old one).
- David, when the new FAQ will be uploaded to the main
website? do we start translating?
Also MAS have to be changed by MAS(R).
- Cameron, can we expect a new version of the HOWTO?
- http://xouvert.zamites.us/ is still a mirror?

* DE:
- start translation of Owen Taylor's mail.
- start translation of new FAQ (when EN version become
- update the roadmap with the english version.
- update the donors section with the english one.
- how to help section is A LOT broken needs to be updated,
and fixed the tags and others (links are broken in this
- ME erase a tag in contributors section, it have nothing.
- ME update source Mirrors in download section.

About Xouvert Traffic #7:
i don't know what to put in that release. So, you tell me,
i just write about there is a new FAQ version and website
update, or i look forward and wait for *more* activity in
the mailing list. In this case Traffic #7 will be a 2
months release. I prefer the second option.

waiting feed-back,
Johann Henriquez L.
ICQ #137470123   GNU/Linux user #279323

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