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[xouweb] Re: patch-68 Re: website update and traffic?

From: Johann M. Henriquez Lucero
Subject: [xouweb] Re: patch-68 Re: website update and traffic?
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 19:06:27 GMT

Johann wrote:
- the repetition of the same code in almost every page
have to be fixed (the menu headers with the links of the
website). There are already 26 pages with that, a minor
change in one, have to be changed in the 25 others.
how do we fix this?

Jonathan wrote:
No, no frames.  If the WWW standards committees didn't
have their heads up their nether parts, the <object> tag
would work perfectly for doing includes, so we could
isolate repeated markup into separate files.
I am reluctant to use shtml in case we ever need to
migrate the site to a server where we have limited access.

Hi, so you say we must use the object tag like this? .. beginning of web page ...
<OBJECT data="menu.html">
Warning: menu.html could not be loaded
</OBJECT> ... rest of web page ...

ok, i'll give it a try
Johann Henriquez L.
ICQ #137470123   GNU/Linux user #279323

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