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Re: [XWEM]: Adding things to xwem-tray

From: Zajcev Evgeny
Subject: Re: [XWEM]: Adding things to xwem-tray
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2004 08:52:47 +0400
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Steve Youngs <address@hidden> writes:

> I've been looking at my screen wondering "what's missing?"... The date!
> I need the date staring at me otherwise I have no idea what day of the
> week it is (yes, I'm serious).
> Anyway, I figure that a good place for it would be the xwem-tray.  My
> attempts, so far, have been unsuccessful. :-(
> (setq xwem-tray-config
>       '([XWEM-TRAY-DOCK (format-time-string "%a, %b%e")]))
> (xwem-tray-run-config)
> => Wrong type argument: char-or-string-p, (format-time-string "%a, %b%e")

Oh, in `xwem-tray-config' string is path to executable.  Some time
ago(and still in nongnu cvs repositary), here was some additional dock
applications written in C.  time shower(replaced by xwem-time), apm
status shower, launcher etc.  And `xwem-tray-config' was the place
where you specify path to them.

I think date support can be added to xwem-time, customizable variable
like `display-time-day-and-date'.

> Say what!  `format-time-string' returns a string, so why am I getting
> that error?

I've got such errors sometimes too, their roots at `default-directory'
function, which returns non-string sometimes.

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