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Re: [XWEM]: Setting `(initial\|default)-frame-plist' bad for xwem

From: Zajcev Evgeny
Subject: Re: [XWEM]: Setting `(initial\|default)-frame-plist' bad for xwem
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 09:31:34 +0400
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Steve Youngs <address@hidden> writes:

> Evgeny, remember me telling you that I was having a problem with
> getting xwem to completely load if one of my init files was loaded
> beforehand?   I finally tracked it down.
> Having this would stop xwem from completely loading and cause an X
> timeout error.
> (setq initial-frame-plist '(top 10 left 10 width 98 height 41)
>       default-frame-plist '(top 10 left 10 width 98 height 41))
> To work around it, I changed it to...
> (unless (getenv "XWEM_RUNNING")
>   (setq initial-frame-plist '(top 10 left 10 width 98 height 41)
>       default-frame-plist '(top 10 left 10 width 98 height 41)))

Great!  Seems that it is deadlock situation, when XEmacs's Xt part
issues X configure request to set up new geometry for frame and blocks
waiting for WM reply, but wm can't answer because XEmacs blocked.

I tried to play around with 'wait-for-wm Emacs frame property, but it
does not help much.  I dont know details how XEmacs or (Xt) configures
new geom, maybe ask about it XEmacs developers?

Also I heard that setting geometry is better to go with X resources
database, because changes can be applied before maping initial frame.
As i know when XEmacs evaluates ~/.emacs and see that there changes to
`initial-frame-plist' it deletes first frame, and creates new with
proper geometry.

> And in ~/.xinitrc I have...
> #!/bin/bash
> ...
> ...
> ...
> export XWEM_RUNNING=notyet
> exec xemacs
> # EOF
> In ~/.xemacs/init.el I have...
> ;; xwem 
> (when (string= "notyet" (getenv "XWEM_RUNNING"))
>   (require 'xwem-load)
>   (xwem-init)
>   (setenv "XWEM_RUNNING" "yes"))
> Having things set up this way allows me to have multiple separate
> XEmacs sessions going in xwem.  And if I ever decide to use a
> different WM all I have to do is comment out the last two lines of
> ~/.xinitrc and replace them with `exec <new-WM>'.  I'll get XEmacs
> with no xwem and at the size I want.

Hehe, great, i have similar configuration :)

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