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Re: [XWEM]: Problem with terminals and control characters.

From: Zajcev Evgeny
Subject: Re: [XWEM]: Problem with terminals and control characters.
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 10:47:11 +0400
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Erik Arneson <address@hidden> writes:

> Howdy everybody,
> I am not sure what insanity induced me to begin using xwem, but I am
> really enjoying it.

Thats great!  If you have questions about xwem configuration and using
features, feel free to write here, the thing is that xwem leak any
documentation, so finding out what xwem can is pretty hard, but as
start point consider `H-h b'.

> However, there's a problem I'm having difficulty solving.  My xterms
> seem to be unable to interpret control characters correctly.  If I hit
> C-a, ^A shows up in my terminal.  Likewise with ESC and such.

Same problem have Sergey Bolshakov.  He writes:

    H-x r xterm RET - the same problem.  Running another bash -i or
    xterm -ls does not help.  However if running zsh in xterm - all
    goes ok.  Suggesting about incorect bash I will deny
    indignationally :).

Actually i was'nt able to reproduce this problem on my side.  I tried
running various bashs using `H-x r xterm -e bash RET' (my default
shell is zsh).

   bash1(unknown version)  - ok
   bash2(2.05a0(1)-release) - ok

> I've been trying to fix it using stty, but to no avail.  Strangely,
> software using curses and terminal control stuff seem to work just
> fine.  Any ideas?

Yes, I have couple of ideas:

  - bash is too smart and tries to recognize is he running under
    XEmacs or in plane terminal and mistakes under xwem.  Check that
    TERM is correct(i.e.  not something like "emacs") - `(getenv
    "TERM")'.  Unset EMACS environ variable inside XEmacs - `(setenv
    "EMACS" nil t)'.  And then try to run xterm with bash.

  - Run X with other wm, run xemacs and under xemacs do `M-! xterm
    RET' - what the behaviour?


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