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[XWEM]: first impressions

From: Jens Petersen
Subject: [XWEM]: first impressions
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 15:26:12 +0900
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I finally got xwem to work yesterday (second time lucky? ;).
Well actually I finally heeded the advice of actually running
it from ".xinitrc".  Is it known why it can't be started from
a lonely xterm say instead after X has started up?

Overall I am very impressed, and it reminded me a little
of the old days with gwm, scwm, and maybe less so sawfish.
Lisp wm's are nice if a little brittle sometimes. ;-)

I have problems with the latest pre-release xwem pkg though
(xwem-1.14 with xlib-1.12). Particularly it seems to hang for
me pretty reproducibly with say H-x b or H-x 4 b say, as does
H-x r say when all the frames are hidden.

I like the concept of windows and frames like in Emacs
and being able to move between windows with the cursor
keys is cool (however I fail to understand why in the default
keybindings H-left moves one right and H-up down, etc:
I found it unintuitive enough that I interchanged the
left/right and up/down H- bindings in my xwemrc.el file.

I was hoping to actually move to xwem as my window manager
but it is not quite stable enough for me yet I guess: or
I haven't gotten used enough to its perculiarities yet? :)
Anyway I'm sure I'll be playing with it sometimes because
it is so much fun...

Anyone found a good way to run gnome-panel in it?
Do systray apps work with it?  I guess some configuration
is needed for that?

Also noticed that sometimes when closing windows (actually
how to do that directly with xwem?) focus didn't seem to get
passed over to the window underneath.

Also a small feature request: command completion for launching
apps would be really nice - I mean tab in H-x r etc.

Perhaps there were some other things I wanted to mention.
I'll write again when they come to mind.

Keep up the great work!  And thank you for xwem and xlib!  :-)


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