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Re: [XWEM]: modificator's from documentation.

From: Zajcev Evgeny
Subject: Re: [XWEM]: modificator's from documentation.
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2004 09:19:15 +0400
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Andrey Slusar <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
> I am reading info xwem:
> (xwem-kbd "H-C-2")
> That is "H"-modificator?

No faith to any xwem documentation please.  It is out-of-date and
really does not contain any valuable information.  Probably only one
thing useful in docs is setting up X keyboard.

`H' is short name for `Hyper' the modifier.  You should define Hyper_L
or Hyper_R key, and make that key to be the modifier in order to make
xwem understand your `H-' keystrokes.

Also note, as Steve already noticed that most up-to-date sources are
in XEmacs packages repository.  Savannah not yet reconstructured,
actually what we want is to make Savannah repo as place for developing
and exporting it to XEmacs packages repo.  One problem is my
complicated access to any CVS.  But the things will change in few
weeks, when i will setup instant internet access at home.

Also note, that we are trying to get rid of any thing written in C,
there already substitutes for most of thing in external.  However in
upcoming xwem, there will be some C stuff, i know about two things:

  - APM interface XEmacs loadable module.  (and xwem-battery.el -
    dockapp to show battery status)

  - Some math routines in xlib are rewritten in C and combined into
    XEmacs loadable module.  That speedup often operations in 2 times,
    and probably speedup X requests formation/replies parsing by 2
    times, which is implicatible speedups xwem.

Another thing, sorry i can't share my xwemrc.el configuration, because
most of it only works in upcoming xwem.  Try to ask Steve to share his

However, there is tiny hack which i like much, visible vertical bar in
XEmacs frame to determine certain column:

    (defvar my-xwem-vline-win nil)
    (defun my-xwem-set-vline (&optional column color)
      "Setup one-pixel width vertical line at COLUMN.
    COLOR is vline color (default \"gray70\").
    Default COLUMN is value of `fill-column'."
      (interactive (list (or (and current-prefix-arg (prefix-numeric-value 
      (unless (X-Dpy-p (xwem-dpy))
        (error "XWEM not started"))

      (unless color
        (setq color "gray70"))
      (let (cxwin)
        (setq cxwin (X-Win-find-or-make (xwem-dpy) (float (string-to-int 
(frame-property (selected-frame) 'window-id)))))
        (when (X-Win-p my-xwem-vline-win)
          (XDestroyWindow (xwem-dpy) my-xwem-vline-win)
          (setq my-xwem-vline-win nil))
        (when (> column 0)
          (setq my-xwem-vline-win
                (XCreateWindow (xwem-dpy) cxwin
                               (+ (frame-property (selected-frame) 
                                  (* (font-width (face-font 'default)) column))
                               0 1
                               (* (frame-height (selected-frame)) (font-height 
(face-font 'default)))
                               0 nil nil nil
                               (make-X-Attr :background-pixel (XAllocNamedColor 
(xwem-dpy) (XDefaultColormap (xwem-dpy)) color))))
          (XMapWindow (xwem-dpy) my-xwem-vline-win))))
    (define-key global-map (kbd "C-c m V") 'my-xwem-set-vline)

Thank you!


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