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[Yaret-bugs] Check out for HOT NEWS!!!

From: Justice Connie
Subject: [Yaret-bugs] Check out for HOT NEWS!!!
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 08:18:43 -0000

Get GAPJ First Thing Today, This Is Going To Explode!

Check out for HOT NEWS!!!


Current Price: $1.44

Before we start with the profile of GAPJ we would like to mention something 
very important: There is a Big PR Campaign starting on today. And it will go 
all week so it would be best to get in NOW

Current Press Release

Golden Apple Oil and Gas, Inc (GAPJ- News) is pleased to release the highlights 
of the report produced by Dr. W. D. Groves, P. Eng.

The Cookshire gas exploration property of Lumincos Corp. of Calgary is in an 
active oil & gas exploration area in the SE Saint Lawrence Lowlands basin, 
located in the Sherbrooke area in Southern Quebec. Talisman energy has some 
20-40 MMCFD producer gas wells in New York State along trend to the SW in 
Northern NY state, in deep 1/2 graben step downs in the S edge of the Saint 
Lawrence Lowlands block. The Joint-Venture (Talisman & Questerre) property 
along the N. Fringe of the basin, holds land just on the North edge of the 
allochthonous zone, in the stacked thrust sheets of the Appalachian Over thrust 
Zone, in which the St, Flavien gas field (now pumped out) is located. The 
Sherbrooke area lies further out (i.e. in the SE direction) into the 
allochthonous zone (zone 3, of the University of Laval compilation of the cross 
section of the St Lawrence Lowlands Basin). The Cookshire property is aligned 
(northeastward) along the 1/2 graben structure trend being drilled for deep gas 
by Talisman Energy ltd. in New York State. The Sherbrooke area thus has both 
shallow gas potential, at 5000 to 6000 foot depth in the Appalachian Thrust 
Sheet Stack, plus deep gas potential in the deeper 1/2 graben structures lying 
below these in the 1/2 graben step downs in the underlying Quebec Lowlands 
plate. After the recent (Dec.2005) Oil/Gas conference on the St Lawrence 
Lowlands held in Montreal, a joint venture consisting of Questerre, Junex and 
Ditem (all 3 already players in the region) staked an additional 5 million acre 
parcel of land in a strip SE- adjacent to the existing Questerre- Talisman 

The gas potential of The Saint Lawrence Lowland shale gas reservoirs is thus 
becoming a highly viable exploration bet, with Talisman's deep graben gas 
Southwest along basin trend across the border in NY state, and the small (now 
depleted) Saint Flavien gas field, just SW of Quebec, City serving as 
indications of the Basin's potential.

The 17,976 hectare Cookshire gas prospect is located approximately 20 miles SE 
of Sherbrooke, Quebec (50 miles SE of Montreal), in zone 3 (the allochtonous 
zone of the Saint Lawrence Lowlands Basin) and about 50 miles north of the US 
border (Maine).

The Cookshire property is rectangular, nearly square, N/S by E/W, of 17,976 
hectares, (about 34,352 acres or 53.58 square miles).

Based on the geochemical and geophysical surveys so far conducted on the 
Cookshire property, these positive results warrant further studies i.e.: narrow 
spacing (50 feet) micro-gravimetry, seismic survey & test hole. It is believed 
that based on the previous results on the property; there is a very high 
probability of commercial gas production.

Golden Apple Oil and Gas, Inc entered into a stock purchase agreement with 
Lumincos (announce previously), whereby Lumincos purchased 50% of the stock in 
Golden Apple Oil and Gas, Inc. using the Cookshire property permit as payment 
for the stock.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Golden Apple is an independent oil and gas 
producer with a focus on North and South American properties. The Company 
applies advanced technologies to systematically explore and develop its oil and 
natural gas opportunities. Golden Apple focuses its activities where technology 
can be used effectively to maximize returns on invested capital by reducing 
drilling risk and enhancing its ability to cost- effectively grow reserves and 
production volumes.


The Examples Above Show The Awesome, Earning Potential of Little Known 
Companies That Explode Onto Investor's Radar Screens; Many of You Are Already 
Familiar with This. Is GAPJ Poised and Positioned to Do that For You? Then You 
May Feel the Time Has Come to Act... And Please Watch this One Trade tomorrow! 

Penny stocks are considered highly speculative and may be unsuitable for all 
but very aggressive investors.  This Profile is not in any way affiliated with 
the featured company.  We were compensated 3000 dollars to distribute this 
report.  This report is for entertainment and advertising purposes only and 
should not be used as investment advice.  If you wish to stop future mailings, 
or if you feel you have been wrongfully placed in our membership, send a blank 
e mail with No Thanks in the sub ject to

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