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[Yaret-bugs] Re: good CtALlhS

From: Alfsigr Thrash
Subject: [Yaret-bugs] Re: good CtALlhS
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 07:24:12 -0400

V / A G R A   $4
M e r / d i a
V A L / U M   $2
C / A L / S   $4
S o m &
X & n a x
A M B / E N
Mother Russia, other than to say Im aghast at the high price of
corruption and will neither forget nor forgive the filthy accommodations
I was forced to endure for the exorbitant sums of money I spent. ...
That said, thank God for Credit Suisse and those lovely green coupons
they issue.
Just tell us what happened, said Marie.

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