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[zonecheck-tests] Re: New test for Zonecheck

From: Marcos Sanz/Denic
Subject: [zonecheck-tests] Re: New test for Zonecheck
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 22:09:48 +0200

> On the other end, the use of EDNS0 is a Good Thing (because 512 bytes
> is too small, anyway) and, rather than screaming at domains who have a
> too large answer, we should scream at the client software for not
> requesting EDNS0. (Section 1.2 of the draft you mentions.)

But we both know that the 512 octet are a real limitation in the resolvers 
out there nowadays. An implementation would be helpful, since I am aware 
of registries thinking aobut including such tests in their policies.

> I will see to implement these tests in the next release,

Great Stephane!

> but they will certainly generate a warning by default (not a fatal 

If it's configurable, then no problem. But IMHO it is important that a 
truncation does not happen in the authority section, and this being 
violated should be an error.

Best regards,
Marcos Sanz

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