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[Civicrm-boston] This week, the FSF Fall 2018 Envelope Stuff-A-Thon is h

From: Ian Kelling
Subject: [Civicrm-boston] This week, the FSF Fall 2018 Envelope Stuff-A-Thon is happening instead of the CiviCRM meetup
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2018 16:57:44 -0500
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tldr: no Civi meetup, but envelope stuffing and socializing with lots of
volunteers instead. And the FSF staff will be happy to talk about
CiviCRM too.

The Free Software Foundation's Fall 2018 Envelope Stuff-A-Thon is
imminently bearing down upon us -- an essential part of our annual
fundraising in which we, the FSF staff, and an army of volunteers meet
to mail ten thousand letters around the world. This is a key part of
what helps us raise money to defend software freedom, and we need you
for it to work. Help us stuff, seal, and send these envelopes and you
will enjoy:

    The gratitude of the entire FSF staff, some of whom are flying to
    Boston to pitch in, and all of whom will be very glad to see you;

    Lunch and dinner and snacks and drinks on us;

    The opportunity to meet and greet and chitchat with not only the FSF
    staff but also friendly members of the local free software community
    -- a knowledgeable and colorful gang if ever there was one. Are you
    at loose ends looking for collaborators on a software project? Are
    you missing a key piece of free-computing know-how? Do you just want
    to be "more plugged in"? This is your chance!

    An advance look at our fall 2018 Free Software Bulletin, scores of
    which we will put in the mail together;

    The satisfaction of neatly folding and sorting pieces of paper
    (don't underestimate this!).

This letter-stuffing bonanza will occur Tuesday, Wednesday, and (most
likely) Thursday, November 13-15, from 10AM to 9PM. We hope to wrap
everything up by Thursday afternoon -- that's how long it takes when
things go smoothly -- but we are prepared for surprises. Each mailing
day is divided into shifts like so:

    10AM to 1PM: Stuffing envelopes
    1PM to 2PM: Lunch break
    2PM to 6PM: More stuffing envelopes
    6PM to 7PM: Dinner break
    7PM to 9PM: You guessed it: stuffing envelopes!

Can you help? Email address@hidden and let us know when you can make

You can come for a full day, one shift, part of a shift, leave and
come back again, whatever suits you. You can even show up unannounced --
we won't turn you away, but letting us know will make planning for food,
snacks, and drinks easier. Email the FSF Operations Assistant:
Matt Lavallee <address@hidden>

Ian Kelling | Senior Systems Administrator, Free Software Foundation
GPG Key: B125 F60B 7B28 7FF6 A2B7  DF8F 170A F0E2 9542 95DF |

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