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Re: Artanis on Guix with Guile-DBI

From: Jurij Podgoršek
Subject: Re: Artanis on Guix with Guile-DBI
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2023 12:19:48 +0100

I wrote a guix package script for guile 3 dbi, you can find it attached.
Works with Aretemis fine for me, not sure if there's a non working edge case I have not stumbled upon.

Planning to contribute a patch one day when I find the time to figure out how to rewrite the pkg definition to be independent of the version of guile.

Kind regards

On 6. 03. 23 10:06, Jaft wrote:
I noticed, a little over half-a-year ago, you inquired about getting Guile DBI 
built with Guile 3 for Guix and ran into the same error I ran into attempting 
to do the same thing (

I'm guessing you weren't able to resolve the error with DBI as the Guix repo. 
still only has Guile DBI for Guile 2 but, on the off-chance of otherwise, I 
wanted to ask if you ever had any success with Guile 3 and DBI?

I'm trying to get it working, right now, but, well, it's unclear to me why DBI 
thinks things have been defined multiple times (and why going from 2.2 to 3 
would be the cause of this behavior).

Either way, just thought I'd ask, just in case.

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