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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Replace `read-string' with `TeX-read-string'

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Replace `read-string' with `TeX-read-string'
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2014 20:16:41 +0100
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"Davide G. M. Salvetti" <address@hidden>

Hi Davide,

> I've updated copyright as needed, but I'm a bit uncertain about the
> status of epsf.el, foils.el, and psfig.el: I assume they are
> distributed under AUCTeX license, but they seem to lack a proper
> notice.  Can anyone comment on this?

foils.el is from Per Abrahamsen who has a CA on file.  So feel free to
add the relevant file header.

epsf.el and psfig.el are from Marc Gemis.  It seems that there's no CA
registered for him although I've contacted him in 2012 and he agreed to
sign one.  I'm going to check what's the problem.


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