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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] TeX output dimensions in ConTeXt

From: Carlos
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] TeX output dimensions in ConTeXt
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2015 16:16:28 -0400
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Mosè Giordano <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Carlos,
> 2015-09-24 5:36 GMT+02:00 Carlos <address@hidden>:
>> You asked "what's wrong with ConTeXt Full?".
>> I guess nothing is wrong, if the document was compiled with it a while
>> ago.
>> I also think that if ("context full") returns an error such as "no
>> more errors", when there are errors, something is not right.
> We don't have an error parser for ConTeXt.  If nothing tells AUCTeX
> there are errors, AUCTeX will tell you there are no errors even if
> errors are there.

Right. Right. A defcustom error-description-list at the very least, warrants its

>> I'm not quite sure either, how far back, is mark iv compatible with
>> it. I wouldn't put all the eggs in a basket.
>> I know you don't like elimination of code. And you have made your
>> position about it, clear enough.
>> Fine. But I don't see why a "mark iv"definition in auctex, is not
>> added.
> I should know first what "mark iv" is before having a position on it
> :-)  I'm open to any improvement, it's just I don't know anything
> about ConTeXt, sorry.  What should be avoided is breaking user's
> settings, for example by changing a command in `TeX-command-list'.
> Ok, we did break something from time to time, but not too frequently.

I have never vouched for the removal of texexec. That would be
detrimental. For the simple reason that no one should impose upon
someone, the use of a system (whether it be texexec, xetex, pdftex,
etc). Updating reasons, whatever these might, are
not sufficient. Let alone compatibility. (And anyone who would try to
convince me otherwise, I'd tell them to hush hush) :)

>From an updating-point-of-view, there is no warranty, that a document
compiled with "texexec", will stay so, with the lua facilities that
"context" deploys. But with the same token, based on experience, not even
"context"'s working features, are warranted on all documents, without its latest

I guess the aforementioned facilities and its origins, is also the
underlying cause in AucTeX, that prevents compiling a document "right"
(didn't we talk about this before?), bypassing TeX-run-formats. 

Mosè, as of now, there is nothing in AucTeX about "context". One might
as well customize in emacs, tex-run-command and tex-start-commands by
specifying the string at will, while getting rid of ´\nonstopmode\input´ in
the process. 

> Bye,
> Mosè

Take care Mosè. Good to see you around.
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