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Re: Onwards to lexical binding (attempt 1)

From: Ikumi Keita
Subject: Re: Onwards to lexical binding (attempt 1)
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2020 16:09:08 +0900

Hi Tassilo,

>>>>> Tassilo Horn <> writes:
>>> Here's the patch which was empty yesterday where I actually do that.
>> Thanks. I'll test it later, probably tommorow.

> Great, thanks!

It doesn't work for region preview. After Setting region on circ.tex and
C-c C-p C-r, I get error and in process buffer I find
Running `Preview-PDF2DSC' with ``pdf2dsc circ.pdf 
. Thus preview-latex provides "master" file name "circ.pdf" rather than
"_region_.pdf" for pdf2dsc for this case.

I think `preview-region' should bind TeX-current-process-region-p
permanently by `setq', not `let', so that TeX-active-master returns
intended file name even in process sentinels.

Ikumi Keita

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