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Re: [beaver-devel] interface.c update

From: Double 12
Subject: Re: [beaver-devel] interface.c update
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2008 22:40:01 +0200
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Everything works really nice now :) Short start-up time, clean menus, syntax highlighting, position of doctabs/scrollbar is not a question, etc.
A small question: do you think it is suitable to use g_strconcat in a loop:

/art.line1 = g_strconcat(art.line 1, "   /\   ", NULL);

/This is used to add the characters of the ascii art in 5 different lines. It it tested letter by letter, so the loop is repeated the number of letter times. All those newly allocated string need to be freed in some way. Is that a good solution or is there a better solution to add things to a string?

Double 12

Tobias Heinzen wrote:
Double 12 wrote:

have fun with the new interface ^^
Yes, I do. :) It looks very professional to have the languages in the View menu with radio buttons. I just compiled a fresh copy from the CVS branch on Zenwalk, but unfortunately opening a file or creating a new file causes a segfault. :(
As I stated there were some bugs with it. I looked at it and hopefully it is now fixed and should work.


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