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patch suggestions

From: Juan Lasca
Subject: patch suggestions
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2022 18:30:00 -0300

I made a few changes to the source code available from git, which include:
* memory leaks (mostly adding calls to 'free' when returning from a function)
* uninitialized variables: (giving them a reasonable initial value when declared)
* multiple definitions: (changed app.h,c and process.h,c to declare global variables, instead of implementing them upon #inclusion). Seems like modern compilers treat this as an error, and is also prone to hard-to-debug problems if ignored.
Also, after correcting this, I've noticed that Carl Hansen has already proposed so, but this change was not merged into upstream.
* changed the macro 'CHECK_ALLOC' to log an error and exit the application immediately (most of these calls were made to check for memory exhaustion errors anyway).
* added the macro 'PERROR' as a more verbose alternative to the perror function, using the 'REPORT' macro.

I've also noticed that there are no icons other than some low resolution .xpm files, so I took the liberty of preparing some svg icons and a script (requires the imagemagick package) to generate pngs of multiple resolutions (suitable for use with a .desktop desktop entry file or in the application).

I hope you find this helpful.
Best regards,

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