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Re: Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs - The REAL story!

From: Chiaki Ishikawa
Subject: Re: Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs - The REAL story!
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 09:57:31 +0900 (JST)

X-PMC-CI-e-mail-id: 14378

This joke stuff which presumably carries with it a
trojan (or a virus) software for Win platform has
been going on so many times. Enough is enough.
(Just check joke.exe or snowwhite joke.exe at
sysid worm seems to be the common name given
to it.)

Will someone at gnu.org who can look at
their mail system log PLEASE COMPLAIN to the
ISP from where these postings come?

Many big ISPs take very responsible attitude
by canceling the subscriber membership immediately
if the clearly recorded log info for
spamming/port probing/other abuse is presented.

I ask the people at gnu.org because
the header line(s) produced can only be checked
by the mail host where these joke postings were first

>       id 14DBJN-0004Hc-00; Mon, 01 Jan 2001 15:12:05 -0500
>Received: from adsl-80-132-16.msy.bellsouth.net ([] 

If I were to believe the header line above,
the post came from bellsouth.
But only  someone at gnu.org (fencepost.gnu.org)
can verify the authenticity of the particular
header line. (I mean, to the receiving end of these
mailing list distribution, anything
before the fencepost.gnu.org header line (and itself)
might as well be forged. We have no way of knowing...)
Only people at fencepost.gnu.org can confirm
if the above header line is generated by fencepost.gnu.org
and can be trusted.

Oh well, I am writing to gnu.org since
I believe in the following header line which
is produced locally.

>Received: from unknown( by sparc11 via 
>smap/slg/sizecheck/clearerr (V1.3)

I have no idea why was not resolved
by my local mail gateway quickly.
Since is NS1.GNU.ORG from my whois lookup,
I think is probably part of gnu.org.
I just checked my local DNS and indeed is fencepost.gnu.org.

: www:/new-home/ ; nslookup
Name:    fencepost.gnu.org

I am 
commenting on the following abridged post:

--- begin quote
Received: from sparc11.personal-media.co.jp (sparc11 [])
        by sparc18.personal-media.co.jp 
(8.9.1a/3.7W-no-mx-sparc18-map-size-limit-with-ipaddress-hack) with ESMTP id 
        Tue, 2 Jan 2001 05:13:00 +0900 (JST)
Received: (from address@hidden)
        by sparc11.personal-media.co.jp (8.9.1a/3.7W-u48-mx-size-limit-fork) id 
        for <address@hidden>; Tue, 2 Jan 2001 05:12:55 +0900 (JST)
Received: from unknown( by sparc11 via 
smap/slg/sizecheck/clearerr (V1.3)
        with ESMTP id sma013732; Tue Jan  2 05:12:44 2001
Received: from localhost ([] helo=fencepost.gnu.org)
        by fencepost.gnu.org with esmtp (Exim 3.16 #1 (Debian))
        id 14DBJN-0004Hc-00; Mon, 01 Jan 2001 15:12:05 -0500
Received: from adsl-80-132-16.msy.bellsouth.net ([] 
        by fencepost.gnu.org with smtp (Exim 3.16 #1 (Debian))
        id 14DBIJ-0004Gq-00
        for <address@hidden>; Mon, 01 Jan 2001 15:11:00 -0500
From: Hahaha <address@hidden>
Subject: Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs - The REAL story!
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="--VEZ0DAFWXA741QFWHUFOPIF8HEV"
Message-Id: <address@hidden>
Sender: address@hidden
Errors-To: address@hidden
X-BeenThere: address@hidden
X-Mailman-Version: 2.0
Precedence: bulk
List-Help: <mailto:address@hidden>
List-Post: <mailto:address@hidden>
List-Subscribe: <http://mail.gnu.org/mailman/listinfo/bug-glibc>,
List-Id: Bug reports for the GNU standard C library <bug-glibc.gnu.org>
List-Unsubscribe: <http://mail.gnu.org/mailman/listinfo/bug-glibc>,
List-Archive: <http://mail.gnu.org/pipermail/bug-glibc/>
Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2001 15:11:00 -0500

Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

Today, Snowhite was turning 18. The 7 Dwarfs always where very educated and
polite with Snowhite. When they go out work at mornign, they promissed a
*huge* surprise. Snowhite was anxious. Suddlently, the door open, and the Seven
Dwarfs enter...

Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name="joke.exe"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="joke.exe"

        ... contents omitted ...


--- end quote

     Ishikawa, Chiaki        address@hidden  or
 (family name, given name) address@hidden
    Personal Media Corp.      ** Remove .NoSpam at the end before use **
  Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan 142-0051

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