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Incorrect IBM870 charmap

From: Karel . Tomas
Subject: Incorrect IBM870 charmap
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 22:27:56 +0200


In the map mentioned above are incorrectly defined values 0xb6 - 0xba.
This results to incorrect translation from CZECH code pages like ISO8859-2
into IBM870.

IBM definition of the mentioned code page can be obtained at


I noticed the problem, when I tested IBM iSeriesODBC driver, whiche was
unable to update correctly some variants of letters 'z' and 'Z'.

Attached file contains patch, but applying it with patch program issues
some warning.

Sorry for my English.

Best regards.

Karel Tomas
Agropol Group, a.s.
Opletalova 4(See attached file: GLIBC~-9.GZ)
113 76 Praha 1
Czech Republic

Attachment: GLIBC~-9.GZ
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