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glibc getgrgid () function group too large

From: Fischer Jens I&S IT PS Ost CNS
Subject: glibc getgrgid () function group too large
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 16:32:51 +0100

Hello there,

I'm going to integrate Linux Clients into our NIS Domain. We use Sun Solaris
and HP-UX Workstations and Servers in an NIS domain at this time.

Our group map contains two groups larger than 850 characters for ClearCase 
The Problem is that Linux (RedHat 8.0) cannot resolve the names of these groups
with the ls command so I wrote a little C program to test which function faults.

main ()
        struct group *tt;

        tt = getgrgid (13223); /* Thats the big group */

        if (tt != NULL)
                printf ("%s\n", tt->gr_name);
        else {
                if (errno == ERANGE)
                        fprintf (stderr, "ERANGE: ");
                perror ("");
        return 0;

This program always returns ERANGE on Linux but not on Solaris and HP-UX.

If I list all groups with getgrent(), all groups are resolved properly.

It seems that the internal buffer for the group structure is too small only
in the getgrnam() and getgrgid() function.

What should I do?

Best Regards

Jens Fischer  -(+49 (0) 30 386 27294)-
Siemens AG Berlin. (I&S IT PS Ost)
Solaris Network Administrator

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