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PSPP-BUG: Help for a Mac Luddite

From: Matthew Birnbaum
Subject: PSPP-BUG: Help for a Mac Luddite
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2014 01:26:03 -0500


I am trying to install PSPP on my newly acquired Apple laptop. I am a Luddite 
when it comes to computer programming and particularly am still learning the 
Apple OS.  

At any rate, I downloaded what I thought was the correct version of PSPP for 
installing on my Mac (OS 10.9.2).  The file downloaded from Safari is called 
pspp-08.2-0-10.9-mpkg.  There is the typical icon for installation in the 
directory containing this downloaded file.  When I click on the icon to install 
it, an error message appears, stating that the file cannot be opened because it 
something from an unidentified developer, and my security preferences don’t 
allow it.  I am guessing there must her some setting I can make to the OS to 
let this open source software install, but I have no clue what this might be.  
Any tips would be much appreciated.


Matt Birnbaum

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