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PSPP-BUG: PSPP on MAC 10.6.8

From: Jacob Yoder
Subject: PSPP-BUG: PSPP on MAC 10.6.8
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2015 13:57:13 -0400

I have downloaded PSPP for a project to complete my Anthropology degree in New 
York, and I am able to use it but I cannot save it. When I save the file my 
computer is unable to re-open it, or if I save it as a "compressed system file" 
and then try to open it, it will simply open a new window of PSPP with non of 
my data saved. My macbook pro has operating system 10.6.8. Do you have any idea 
how I can successfully save my work? Thank you so much. 


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