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Re: hello-2.11 fails multibyte-1 and atexit-1 on musl

From: Reuben Thomas
Subject: Re: hello-2.11 fails multibyte-1 and atexit-1 on musl
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2022 11:39:47 +0000

Thanks very much for the analysis and suggested patch.

I don't think however that a code change is needed. Arguably, the
correct fix would be to check the return value of wprintf, but in fact
close_stdout() already checks if there was a previous error on the
stream. I think that arbitrarily setting a large buffer size is a bit
of a hack, to be honest.

So I think it's sufficient, at the cost of a slightly less nice error
message, to allow the code to proceed as at present, and instead to
change the test so that it does not specifically check for "No space
left on device", but instead just "write error".

I attach an updated version of tests/atexit-1; please could you check
that with it the test now passes with musl? (Also, of course let me
know if you disagree with my analysis!)


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