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[Bug-wget] [Wget v1.14 Patch] When using -nc argument

From: Juan Miguel Taboada Godoy
Subject: [Bug-wget] [Wget v1.14 Patch] When using -nc argument
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2013 23:50:07 +0100
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This patch prevent wget from stopping when -nc argument is in use and
file in the disk (from a previous download) has a name which doesn't
finish with htm or html.

I detected this bug when downloading a website with this URL:

This was saved in the disk at:
as a file named:

When I was using -nc argument, wget couldn't detect that this file could
have links inside.

Because I believe wget should check most of the files as text/html just
in case there are some links inside to visit, I repaired this problem
not checking for htm or html suffix inside the name of the file.


Juan Miguel Taboada Godoy

Centrologic (Computational Logistic Center)
address@hidden - http://www.centrologic.com
(PGP key: 0xBF597018)

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