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Re: [Bug-wget] info wget: some improvement proposals on the documentatio

From: Tim Rühsen
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] info wget: some improvement proposals on the documentation-content
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2018 13:02:18 +0200
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Thank you, Kalle !

We'll go through the docs soon and amend them.

On 08/26/2018 10:08 AM, kalle wrote:
> hello,
> here my proposals:
> chapter 2, part "download all the URLs specified": make it clearer, what
> that exactly means in relationship to URLs describing a directory. Is
> the whole fs beneath downloaded? or only the file 'index.html' in it?
> chapter 2.1: you mention, that it would be a security risk to write out
> the password in the commandline. But you don't mention here, that a
> transfer over the internet of a non-encrypted URL containing the
> password would be risky too.
> ch.2.1: why isn't https mentioned? It appears in ch 2.5, though...
> ch. 2.3, option '-nc', part "local file will  be 'clobbered', or
> overwritten,": replace the last part with "be 'clobbered' (which means
> overwritten)". I suppose that , since 'clobbering' means something like
> 'destroying', you don't need to write "be 'clobbered' (which means
> overwritten or that the newly downloaded file is saved under another
> name than the local one)"
> ch. 2.3, option '-nc', part "will refuse to download newer copies of
> 'FILE'": the usage of 'newer copies' is ambiguous here. it could be,
> that the server-side file has been renewed, but probably it just
> means,that  it will not download the same file another time and give it
> another name."
> ch. 2.3, option '-nc': if '--no-clobbering' is a misnaming as is said in
> the part "actually a misnomer in this mode", why isn't it changed? One
> could keep '-nc' for compatibility reasons, and forge aa new option
> name..., e.g. '-nn / --no-new'
> part 'of the character's ASCII value' -> add '(see ascii(7))' for reference.
> ch. 2.4, replace the 'href="URL">'s with 'href="BASE-URL">'. There is
> one in '-i' and one in '-F'.
> ch. 2.5, option '-c', part "really a valid prefix": I find the use of
> prefix not very understandable. I would rather write "Wget has no way of
> veryfying that the local file is the beginning part of the remote file".
> ch.2.5, '--bind-address': I don't understand the meaning of the word
> 'bind' in the formulation "bind to ADDRESS"
> greetings,kalle

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