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[Bug-wget] info wget: some improvement proposals on the documentation-co

From: kalle
Subject: [Bug-wget] info wget: some improvement proposals on the documentation-content
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2018 10:08:25 +0200
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here my proposals:

chapter 2, part "download all the URLs specified": make it clearer, what
that exactly means in relationship to URLs describing a directory. Is
the whole fs beneath downloaded? or only the file 'index.html' in it?

chapter 2.1: you mention, that it would be a security risk to write out
the password in the commandline. But you don't mention here, that a
transfer over the internet of a non-encrypted URL containing the
password would be risky too.

ch.2.1: why isn't https mentioned? It appears in ch 2.5, though...

ch. 2.3, option '-nc', part "local file will  be 'clobbered', or
overwritten,": replace the last part with "be 'clobbered' (which means
overwritten)". I suppose that , since 'clobbering' means something like
'destroying', you don't need to write "be 'clobbered' (which means
overwritten or that the newly downloaded file is saved under another
name than the local one)"

ch. 2.3, option '-nc', part "will refuse to download newer copies of
'FILE'": the usage of 'newer copies' is ambiguous here. it could be,
that the server-side file has been renewed, but probably it just
means,that  it will not download the same file another time and give it
another name."

ch. 2.3, option '-nc': if '--no-clobbering' is a misnaming as is said in
the part "actually a misnomer in this mode", why isn't it changed? One
could keep '-nc' for compatibility reasons, and forge aa new option
name..., e.g. '-nn / --no-new'

part 'of the character's ASCII value' -> add '(see ascii(7))' for reference.

ch. 2.4, replace the 'href="URL">'s with 'href="BASE-URL">'. There is
one in '-i' and one in '-F'.

ch. 2.5, option '-c', part "really a valid prefix": I find the use of
prefix not very understandable. I would rather write "Wget has no way of
veryfying that the local file is the beginning part of the remote file".

ch.2.5, '--bind-address': I don't understand the meaning of the word
'bind' in the formulation "bind to ADDRESS"


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