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[Chicken-hackers] relevance of autoconf - automake wiki entry?

From: Brandon J. Van Every
Subject: [Chicken-hackers] relevance of autoconf - automake wiki entry?
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 22:59:59 -0800
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Wiki pages are really good at advertizing themselves. The User's Manual page like all wiki pages, has a list of "Pages linking here:". In that list, with star marquee billing since there aren't very many entries, is the link for the "autoconf - automake" wiki page.

This I don't like. It encourages someone reading the User's Manual for the 1st time to think that Chicken is autoconf-oriented, and that users should do the autoconf drill / learning curve to play well with Chicken. I realize not everyone may be ready to go forwards with CMake, but I don't like explicitly encouraging people to go backwards to Autoconf. Especially since, the only reason this link appears is to say, "We're using the same examples as we've been using elsewhere in the User's Manual." If that's not deemed to be terribly important wisdom to impart to people, I'd ask that it be removed or refactored somehow, so that Autoconf is not getting top billing on the 1st User's Manual page.

My next question is whether this autoconf - automake page is deemed important and is in active development / drafting, or whether it's a vestige of some past effort that didn't go anywhere and likely won't go anywhere. If the latter, I ask that it be removed.

I'm happy to provide CMake instructions on the wiki if that is deemed useful. It's not clear to me who the target audience is for this "autoconf - automake" page anyways. I'm not well versed in how people have typically built things on top of Chicken. Eggs have some build capabilities, but not everything is an egg.

Brandon Van Every

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