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[Chicken-hackers] more egginesses

From: Elf
Subject: [Chicken-hackers] more egginesses
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 22:34:13 -0800 (PST)


cgi-util: missing licence from metafile and all source files.  (shawn)
cookie: mismatch between name in meta file (reed sheridan) and licence (shiro)
content-type: mismatch between documentation/source files and licence meta
              (source: GPL-2, meta: Public Domain) (alejandro)
dbus: missing setup file, missing doc files, and not hidden.  (shawn)
estraier: missing GPL required files, missing GPL version (alejandro)
fspath: incomplete licence (open source vs public domain - what is it?) (kon)
html-stream: mismatch between source/docs and metafile (Public Domain vs GPL)
input-parse: missing licence from metafile and all source files.
md5: missing required files for licencing under the GPL (felix)
mpeg3: mismatch between metafile and docs (Public Domain vs GPL-2) (alejandro)
qdbm: no licence data aside from metafile, no required GNU headers (sven)
sedna: mismatch between metafile and source files (Apache vs Public Domain)
silex: copyright notice with no terms!
srfi-47: mismatch between wikidoc licence and metatag licence
(Free Use vs SRFI) stalin: mismatch between wikidoc licence nad metatag licence
        (GPL-2 vs SRFI)
stream-flash: missing licence data and headers (alejandro)
stream-flash-tree-map: ditto
stream-wiki: ditto
stream-parser: mismatch between wikidoc licence and metatag licence
               (GPL-2 vs Public Domain) (alejandro)
swt: missing all licence data
testbase-driver: incomplete licence (open source with no terms - please pick
                 a licence) (kon)
wt-tree: licence quandary: this predates the move by MIT Scheme to go from
         MIT licence to GPL-3.  what licence is this under? (reed sheridan)
vector-lib: licence mismatch between docs and metafile (BSD vs Artistic)
xlib: copyright notice with no terms!

Medium Priority:

ajax: missing wiki documentation apr: should this be under Apache Commons as it is wrapping apache? someone
     else answer this, i know nothing about apache's licence. (alejandro)
binary-tree: missing meta file (also, this will cause horrible name mismatches
             as the installed file doesnt match setup.)
dictionary: missing docs but hidden
dollar: missing wiki documentation
gettext: this is a wrapper for a gnu library - can it be public domain or
         must it be gpl?
srfi-40: licence incomplete in wikidocs
srfi-42: licence incomplete in wikidocs
svn-client: no licences except the public domain notice

Low Priority:

I went ahead and fixed all of these already.  Someone, please shoot me now.
There are way too many eggs to let this ever slide again the way it has.
Someone should also probably go through and fix all the little things in the
setup files that arent correct. See below for some of the interesting combinations. Anyway, list of applied fixes by category:

[Added version to licence metatag]
SO31: GPL -> GPL-2
asxt: LGPL -> LGPL-2.1
atlas-lapack: GPL -> GPL-3
awk: LGPL -> LGPL-1
cairo: LGPL -> LGPL-2.1
csv: LGPL -> LGPL-2.1
currency-converter: GPL -> GPL-3
digraph: GPL -> GPL-3
dpfw: GPL -> GPL-2
dyn-vector: GPL -> GPL-3
endian-port: GPL -> GPL-3
ezxdisp: LGPL -> GPL-2
format-graph: GPL -> GPL-3
format-textdiff: GPL -> GPL-3
ftl: LGPL -> LGPL-2.1
gmp: LGPL -> LGPL-2.1
graph-bfs: GPL -> GPL-3
graph-cycles: GPL -> GPL-3
graph-dfs: GPL -> GPL-3
graph-scc: GPL -> GPL-3
gsl-srfi-27: GPL -> GPL-2
html-plots: GPL -> GPL-2
htmlprag: LGPL -> LGPL-2.1
interp1d: GPL -> GPL-3
lalr: GPL -> GPL-2
loop: GPL -> GPL-2
make: LGPL -> LGPL-1
mat5-lib: GPL -> GPL-3
matrix-utils: GPL -> GPL-3
meroon: LGPL -> LGPL-1
mpi: GPL -> GPL-3
norsieck-vector: GPL -> GPL-3
npdiff: GPL -> GPL-3
numspell: LGPL -> LGPL-2.1
ode: GPL -> GPL-3
ode-lmm: GPL -> GPL-3
orders: GPL -> GPL-2
probdist: GPL -> GPL-3
prometheus: GPL -> GPL-2
protobj: LGPL -> LGPL-2.1
pyffi: GPL -> GPL-3
q-lang: GPL -> GPL-2
random-swb: GPL -> GPL-3
random-test: GPL -> GPL-3
rb-tree: GPL -> GPL-3
rfc3339: LGPL -> LGPL-2.1
readline: GPL -> GPL-2
sassy: LGPL -> LGPL-2.1
schelog: LGPL -> LGPL-2
scheme-dissect: GPL -> GPL-2
scsh-regexp: GPL -> GPL-2
sdl: LGPL -> LGPL-2.1
sfht: GPL -> GPL-3
sha1: GPL -> GPL-2
sigma: GPL -> GPL-3
softscheme: GPL -> GPL-2
srfi-4-utils: GPL -> GPL-3
stream-httplog: GPL -> GPL-2
stream-sections: GPL -> GPL-2
svn-post-commit-hooks: GPL -> GPL-2
sx: LGPL -> LGPL-2.1
tabexpand: LGPL -> LGPL-2.1
testeez: LGPL -> LGPL-2.1
treap: GPL -> GPL-3
unitconv: GPL -> GPL-3
xxexpr: LGPL -> LGPL-2.1

[Capitalisation fixes]
foof-loop: public domain -> Public Domain
loopy-loop: public domain -> Public Domain
matchable: public domain -> Public Domain
sql-null: public domain -> Public Domain
srfi-95: public domain -> Public Domain
topological-sort: public domain -> Public Domain

[Misconception as to the meaning of 'Public Domain' from wording on SLIB]
(copyright notice means not public domain, means free use.)
args-doc: public domain -> Free Use
charplot: public domain -> Free Use
slib: various -> Public Domain/Free Use

contracts: missing licence from wiki documentation
eopl: modified licence metatag after searching out origin (unknown -> Free Use)
fps: modified licence metatag after searching out the correct licence from
     the original page (unknown -> Free Use) and corrected the wiki.
lexmod: modified licence metatag (unknown -> BSD) based on wikidocs
ode-lmm: file renaming to prevent brokenness (lmm.meta -> ode-lmm.meta)
octave: fixed docs incorrectly relating bsd and public domain
pos: modified licence metatag (unknown -> Free Use) based on docs
riaxpander: modified licence metatag
            (public domain, with one file under modified BSD ->
             Public Domain/BSD)

many many eggs, btw, have some combination of the following:
no documentation at all
(doc-from-wiki) tag in the meta file
.html file in the directory
no documentation tag and/or no mention of the doc file in any installable
eggdoc file in the directory, but no (eggdoc "file") tag in the meta
eggdoc file, .html file, doc-from-wiki, but no documentation tag in the
   setup or files.

I would also like to thank everyone who released under the MIT licence, as that was the ONLY licence type where there were no mismatches, errors, corrections, or other work needed. (Bremer Licence and Creative Commons as
well, but those are only one egg apiece :))


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