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[Circe-help] Re: request: do not track MODE messages by default

From: John J Foerch
Subject: [Circe-help] Re: request: do not track MODE messages by default
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 22:34:08 -0500
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Jorgen Schäfer <address@hidden> writes:
> John J Foerch wrote:
>>   How does the display handler interrelate with buffer tracking?
> It clls `circe-server-message', which calls `circe-display', which
> uses `circe-format-not-tracked' to tell `lui-insert' whether the
> message should be tracked or not. (That in turn uses tracking.el :-))
> Regards,
>       -- Jorgen

  Many thanks.  I see how it works much clearer now.

  My original diagnosis of my problem was wrong.  It wasn't a MODE
message that was triggering the buffer tracking.  It was that I was
joining an empty channel, and ChanServ was resetting the topic.  The
TOPIC message for this event was triggering the buffer to be tracked.
The problem went away when I did this:

   (add-hook 'circe-format-not-tracked 'circe-format-server-topic)

  Would this be a sensible thing to make default?  Speaking for myself,
I would never want a tracking notification just because a topic was set
in a channel, seeing as how those things are more often than not
automated by various bots.


John Foerch

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