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[Cron-bug] libcron static libs

From: Ryan M. Golbeck
Subject: [Cron-bug] libcron static libs
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 08:39:06 -0500
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Hey Jeff,

Is there any easy way to setup autotools to build also a static
library of libcron as well as a dynamic one (and just make sure the
static one doesn't get installed), so that I can link to it easier in
src/test.  We either need to do that or I need to setup src/test to be
in the build system properly for make check and make sure nothing in
there gets installed.

Could you have a look at this anytime soon?  I'd appreciate it. :)


Ryan Golbeck <address@hidden>
Computer Science, University Of Waterloo
GPG: 1024D/78916B84 -- 1B1B 2A87 3F00 A7FB 40F3  526D 36CF BA44 7891 6B84

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