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Re: [Cron-bug] libcron static libs

From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: Re: [Cron-bug] libcron static libs
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 06:55:53 -0800
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On Wed, Jan 30, 2002 at 08:39:06AM -0500, Ryan M. Golbeck wrote:

> Is there any easy way to setup autotools to build also a static
> library of libcron as well as a dynamic one (and just make sure the
> static one doesn't get installed), so that I can link to it easier
> in src/test.  We either need to do that or I need to setup src/test
> to be in the build system properly for make check and make sure
> nothing in there gets installed.

> Could you have a look at this anytime soon?  I'd appreciate it. :)

You've asked for different, and slightly confusing things, so I've
done what I think is the Right Thing.  I'll change it if you want
something different.

I think the static libraries are already installed - The default for
libtool is to create them and install them.  I don't see this as a bad

I have fiddled with src/test/ such that the libcron library
is linked in - I don't quite understand the static/dynamic concern, so
I just let automake do what it thinks is the Right Thing.  I have set
the program to be built, not installed, and called when you run `make

I also fixed two srcdir != builddir nits.

Lastly, I changed the name of your build file.  In the case where the
source file to BINARY is just BINARY.c, you don't need to specify a
sources line.  Given that your testsuites will probably be one
sourcefile per test, I have altered the binary name to allow this to
happen.  It makes for an easier to read

Hope this helps.  Gotta run to work.  I will probably be on email
sporadically throughout the day.

Jeff Bailey

Tofu - The other white meat.

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