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[Debian-sf-devel] 2.6-0+12 is available

From: Christian BAYLE
Subject: [Debian-sf-devel] 2.6-0+12 is available
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 00:50:09 +0200
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One more version :-)
many changes for this multipackage version
Available at
I could test a successfull smooth upgrade from an Empty 2.5 Database, and i will make more testing, if you have a full db, with tracking, bugs, please send it to me as the result of
pg_dumpall > db.out
when you are logged postgres

As usual we still don't recommend this as a production version, though I think that is almost use-able
This always need a lot of testing...
I will probably soon provide an export-import at least for the database, that will make possible to test
upgrade on a test server.

Have FUN!

Changes from changelog that is now more than 1000 lines fully available at*checkout*/debian-sf/sourceforge/debian/changelog?rev=HEAD&content-type=text/plain

sourceforge (2.6-0+12) unstable; urgency=low

 * [Roland] Added support for local overloading of the default
   translation files.  See README.Custom for details.
 * [Roland] Applied Olafur's "Making DNS simpler" patch, with a few
 * [Roland] Applied Soon-Son's patch #281 increasing internationalisation
   and the Korean translation.
 * [Roland] Split the package into no less than eleven subpackages.  This
   isolates different features into different packages, and it also paves
   the road to multi-host installations (that part is not done yet).
 * [Roland] To facilitate this splitting, a bit of magic was introduced.
   I hereby present DSF-Helper to the face of the world.  This script is
   inspired from dh_installdeb, and basically does a search-and-replace
   on template files.  This allows us to share bits of code (for
   maintainer scripts) or text (Debconf templates) between several
   packages without having to maintain consistency by hand.  The
   code/text is in one file, and is inserted in the appropriate files
   when the package is built.
 * [Roland] Cleaned debian/rules file a bit.
 * [Christian] Added box1_get_alt_row_style function in Layout.class that
   replace html_get_alt_row_color from html.php. This will help to solve
   problems with savannah themes. I also made the necessary changes in
   savannah styles
 * [Soon-Son] fixed bug # 148 (malformed part on
 * [Soon-Son] fixed bug # 431 (Number of public forum/msg are 0)
 * [Soon-Son] removed all links to nonexistent document
 * [Soon-Son] more i18n effort including patch # 283
 * [Soon-Son] removed dtd definition for bug # 120
 * [Christian] Repared trove map count
 * [Roland] Fixed invocation of in crontab.
 * [Roland] [From 2.5] Fixed mailing-lists entries in LDAP.
 * [Roland] Included entries from the 2.5 changelog file into this one.
   Don't worry it the dates are not ordered.  Development has been
   concurrent for a while (and still is).  Such merges should happen
   until the 2.5 branch is abandoned.
 * [Roland] Added missing languages.
 * [Christian] added checks in sourceforge-config
 * [Christian] install/desinstall cycle support for common, web-apache,
 * [Christian] Added ssh-nonfree support
 * [Christian] Added many Replaces: sourceforge in control files

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