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[DS-discuss] [OT]We got notfied in Digit August '03

From: Giridharan Rajagopalan
Subject: [DS-discuss] [OT]We got notfied in Digit August '03
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2003 22:15:31 -0700 (PDT)

Hello All,
There is an article that has come up in this August 2003 issue of Digit regarding the relevance of GNU/Linux in India.Our Demo AT Schools is mentioned in Page No 40 of the issue.
Though its for just 4-5 lines,the facts are quoted right AFAIK.It says demo AT Schools comes under the umbrella of Free Software Foundation , India and works to inculcate the usage of Free software in school curriculam.
PS: This issue also comes up with a  DVD which has RH9.0,Mandrake 9.1,Knoppix 3.2 and Peanut Linux plus 2 CD's.
Thanks & Regards
Giridharan Rajagopalan


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