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Re: [DS-discuss] Re: A nice guide to Debian GNU/Linux

From: Ramanan Selvaratnam
Subject: Re: [DS-discuss] Re: A nice guide to Debian GNU/Linux
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2003 13:01:24 +0100
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An update on the Deb Guide effort.

I got in touch with the project leader via Sarovar.

He explained (after browsing address@hidden mail archives)

-- currently there was some major restructuring of the whole guide
-- in about two weeks it will shift its source base to Debian servers as the guide is now part of the DDP -- there is still access to what is on Sarovar (but pointless meddling with it until the structure is clear)
-- he sees no problems with GPL so doesn't see why I should :-)

So it seems it is best to wait for the two weeks before starting out.
We might have to include GPL as also an accepted licence in the project description.


Why is GPL a problem?

Before the invent of GFDL it was common to use GPL for documentation.
I would personally prefer the GFDL here as it is specifically made for protecting documentation but do not see why GPL is such problem.

        The GPL is a 'problem' because the license does not require you to
credit the original author. This does not fit very well with the
traditional sense of plagiarism.
        Hence, the GFDL.

        IIRC, Debian considers the GFDL not to be Free Enough, because
it requires you _not_ to remove the original contributors names.

        I Am Not A Lawyer, but I don't see how the license affects the
USAGE of the document. It only matters when you have to make changes,
then IMHO its simpler to send the diffs to the original project rather
than forking it.

What I would like to add on is more detailed localisation guide (if not included in the restructure).
Any other suggestions ... please post them.

BTW: Do you need help with the webpages to describe the project better?

Best wishes,


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