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[DS-discuss] Introduction

From: Suhit Anantula
Subject: [DS-discuss] Introduction
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 12:15:12 +0530
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I am Suhit Anantula. I work with Netcore Solutions in Bombay as part of
the Deeshaa initiative.

Apart from a lot of other stuff, Netcore - through the vision of Rajesh
Jain - has been working on creating and disseminating the idea of
thin-clients-open source combination.

My interest in address@hidden is part of understanding the various
GNU/Linux implementations for educational institutions in India. We
believe that the K12LTSP concept is one of the single most important
aspects for the enhancement of education in India and in turn the
development of India.


Suhit Anantula  |  Deeshaa Ventures  |  Rural Development  | | +91.40.3101 2234

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