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[dev-serveez] N0TIFICATI0N - News Re1ease

From: Cora Gipson
Subject: [dev-serveez] N0TIFICATI0N - News Re1ease
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 13:10:30 -0060

DKDY Makes Agreement To Release Huge marketing Campaign Via Travel Agencies 
Focusing on China Tourism Packages

Profile d:  Dark Dynamite Inc.
Secto r:  Consumer Goods
DAYS HIGH:  $1.05
Close:  $1.01


Last week we informed you about market plus listing DKDY as their 
top four pick for growth this month. The volume has been growing and the 
price has been having  price spikes through the week. 

We believe this is only the sign of it getting ready to make a major price 
jump again.

Recent News may be what is need to push this to the price jump everyone has 
been waiting for.

DKDY has negotiated with over 25 travel agencies to feature the E-Pang Palace
as a "Must See". Just read the details below.

Today’s Headli nes:

DKDY Announces the Completion of the Co-marketing Agreements with 25 Local 
Travel Agencies, Focus on Over 20 Million Tourists Yearly to Xi'an, A World 
Famous Ancient Capital
Feb 14, 2006 9:30:00 AM

XI'AN, China, Feb. 14 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ Dark Dynamite Inc. 
(OTC Bulletin Board: DKDY) (''DKDY'') announced today that they have reached 
separate cooperation agreements with 25 local travel agencies in Xi'an within 
one month, by January 16th, 2006, for co-developing the Qin Dynasty Cultural 
Dinner Show program (''Dinner Show'') to be held in the Theme Park of the 
E-Pang Palace (the ''Theme Park'').

The grand opening of the Dinner Show will be postponed from April 2006 to 
September 2006 as released previously to enrich the program and presentation 
of the Dinner Show. The Dinner Show will be staged on the front-palace square 
of the E-Pang Palace with more than 200 actors performing on the stage; making 
the Dinner Show the largest outdoor dinner show by far in China. DKDY will 
invite top stage directors, chorographers and dances companies to present 
music and dances of the Qin dynasty, exhibiting the cultural flourish of the 
first feudal empire in China's history. Visitors will immense themselves in 
the mystery, grand-scale illusions and surroundings reminiscent of 2,200 years 
ago while enjoying fine dining.

Under these cooperation agreements, travel agencies will put the Dinner Show 
into their Xi'an tour package and strongly promote it through their nationwide 
marketing networks. Tourists will visit other notable scenic spots in the 
daytime and enjoy the Qin Dynasty Cultural Dinner Show at night. Since travel 
agencies are the best tool for scenic spot management companies to attract 
tourists in China, the cooperation with travel agencies will greatly broaden 
the marketing network of DKDY and will increase the popularity of the Dinner 

''It is inspiring for us to reach cooperation agreements with 25 travel 
within one month, by which our marketing network has been extended nationwide. 
Currently, most tourists in Xi'an prefer to attend package tours designed by 
travel agencies. We are glad that our Theme Park has been included in the 
tours of travel agencies,'' commented Mr. Lei Ming, Chairman and President of 
Dynamite Inc., ''We will cooperate with more travel agencies for further 
our marketing network in the future. We estimate that the cooperation with 
these 25 
travel agencies will introduce at least 23,600 tourists to the Dinner Show 
which will bring us a gross revenue of about RMB3.3 million (equal to about 
I am optimistic that the actual revenue will be higher than this figure.''


We are sure you are excited about this news as we are. On Monday many of our 
got in on the low $0.90 price drop and sold at $1.20 making a huge profit for 
the days 
trade. Make sure you take advantage of tomorrow’s day trade and enjoy the ride.

Good Tradin g

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