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Re: [Auth](AIS and the) (July 15 2002) meeting of DotGNU dg-auth-wag

From: david nicol
Subject: Re: [Auth](AIS and the) (July 15 2002) meeting of DotGNU dg-auth-wag
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 22:52:08 -0500

"Mario D. Santana" wrote:
> The logs are now also available at the dog-auth-wag site:
> Enjoy.
> mds

reading the July 15 log modulo the question of how would AIS fit in?

I identify two main issues: ROI and attitdue towards MS.

ROI can be provided to the implementor of an AIS service at least two
besides simplifying distribution of internal function through having a

        -> more mindshare for the participants in the service, for
        instance if freshmeat sets up an AIS service, and others use
        it, then freshmeat gets more eyeballs on its login page

        -> charge a subscription to operators of webservices that
        want to outsource their SSO to you.  The AIS draft spec includes
        overloading the "agent" header as a AIS client identifier/community
        string.  Since that info is only visible between AIS client and AIS
        server, never traversing the user's wire at all, it is safe from
        sniffing (or can be hidden unde TLS too -- installing mini-httpd
        towards setting this up When I Get To It)

Feeling like the second is non-obvious and possibly warrants patenting,
if only for the vanity.  Anyone feel like helping write the patent app
and chipping in to help defray the app fee?  Or are we all in the
are-evil-so-don't camp.

Regarding MS Passport:

        I feel that Passport can be ignored besides mentioning it as an
example of an alternate implementaion of general-purpose SSO.  A
gateway would be trivial to set up on the AIS side: Passport would stand
as the server's authentication method.

A central
AIS repeater, which would be a hard AIS that checks several popular soft
and returns the first good identity it finds for you, should IMO include
Passport module along with checking against the potential AIS services
savannah and yahoo and freshmeat and /. and pay2send etc etc. 
the various auth authorities is a political issue beyond the scope of a 
technical specification. But certainly within the scope IMO of this
mailing list.

Thanks for reading

David Nicol

what would Egil Skallagrimson do?

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