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Re: [Eliot-general] [Eliot-dev] Eliot 1.14

From: Joan Montané
Subject: Re: [Eliot-general] [Eliot-dev] Eliot 1.14
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2012 09:14:26 +0100

Hi Olivier (and others),

Thanks for these New Year present, :))))

Now, a little new release report, :)

1.- Localization issues:

I think these strings aren't in xx.po files:
* In training mode, the player name "Training" is not translatable.
* OK & Cancel buttons are not translatable.
* In bag window, the strings "Remaining vowels/consonants/jokers" are not translatable.

Following are not 1.13 related Issues:
* In an Spanish Windows XP, with Catalan Language package and Catalan regional settings, Eliot menu is in English. VLC is in Catalan (with VLC default language setting). I checked this behavior from 1.10 to 1.13 and Eliiot is always showed in English. Sorry, but I'm Ubuntu user, and I doesn't checked before in Windows platform.
*In Ubuntu, Eliot menus are in Catalan, but In any text input box, if you right click, the context menu is in English (In a Catalan Ubuntu dekstop, of course, :). I don't know if this Issue is Eliot or Ubuntu/Linux related, sorry.

2.- Little bug/missing feature/remarks:
* If you are playing a game, and click "close" x button at window or Exit menu command, then the game is closed without any "are you sure?" warning.
* When joker is used, lowercase L looks like uppercase I. I know its a font selection issue, just for info.

Joan Montané

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