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Re: Syncing orgcard.tex with upstream Emacs (was: bug#64578: orgcard.tex

From: Kyle Meyer
Subject: Re: Syncing orgcard.tex with upstream Emacs (was: bug#64578: orgcard.tex fixes to allow PDF rendering to be used as a triptych.)
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2023 23:53:14 -0500

Ihor Radchenko writes:

> I think that a reference to
> https://git.kyleam.com/orgmode-backport-notes/tree/orgmode-backports.org#n2
> might be helpful.

Okay, I'll make a note to add one.

> Maybe we should even have that file in the main repo as a part of
> emacs-sync branch?

I prefer not to.  I intended that branch to track the state of Org files
that are synced, not to store auxiliary logs.

> I can see the point. Although, I feel like accumulating such divergence
> may backfire after some time.

How do you see this particular spot backfiring?  If Emacs changes the
Emacs-specific text (as they did once in 2016), I port that to the
emacs-sync branch.  Or if Org changes neighboring text, I resolve the
conflict on merge into emacs-sync (very likely just taking both sides).
The resolution is recorded for anyone to look back on.

The emacs-sync branch provides a transparent way to keep track of the
limited set of Emacs-specific modifications needed for the sync.  We're
not talking about an ever-growing set of changes.

> May we possibly resolve the conflict properly using something like the
> attached patch?  Then, we can use the same orgcard source but have
> orgcardemacsnotice.tex empty in Org repository.

I don't see what problem it solves.  It's moving the divergence to a
different file (that would still be tracked in emacs-sync), and it adds
one more Org-specific wrinkle to the Emacs tree.  (Also, the orgcard
source would still be different given the upstream hunk in the diff I
posted in my last message.)

> Are there other similar conflicts in emacs-sync branch?

The emacs-sync branch has other Emacs-specific modifications, yes.
Again, keeping track of those is the reason it exists.

  $ git diff --stat bugfix...emacs-sync
   .gitignore                           |  1 -
   doc/{doc-setup.org => org-setup.org} |  2 +-
   doc/{org-manual.org => org.org}      |  4 ++--
   doc/orgcard.tex                      |  7 ++++++-
   etc/schema/schemas.xml               | 57 
   lisp/org-version.el                  | 24 ++++++++++++++++++++++++
   6 files changed, 90 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

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