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[Erw-devel] new hook ideas & list customisation

From: erw-devel
Subject: [Erw-devel] new hook ideas & list customisation
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 13:29:57 +1000

Similar to the previous post I am interested in the possibility of some new 
features that could assist form customisation and even list customisation.

Have any hooks (like button/update/delete/etc) been conceived to include 
custom php files that allow script or html to be positioned in a few 
desirable locations of the outputted html? 
for example:
a) script in the html HEAD section 
b) script/html that can be included just after the <body> tag
c) script/html that can be included near the end of the page, just before the 
</body> tag.
A related feature would be: 
d) an ability to call custom javascript functions via the body onload

Some reasons for suggesting the above features are: 
- setting initial focus to particular elements such as 
- a concept of dynamically enabling and disabling the form elements of entity 
attributes or relations depending on data in another attribute, or even in an 
attribute via a relation. This could be very powerfull.

I suppose the examples b) and c) could be also acheived similar to the method 
described by the previous poster using a "script" element in the new form 
customisation, however it would also be useful to be able to do this with the 
main lists (list.php) user interface. Hence I was thinking of the erw hook 
system for these ideas, unless of course if there are any plans for a list 
customisation system.

On a slightly different topic: 
I have been working with a client that wanted to have the tab sequence on the 
list pages start with the first filter control and continue with the rest of 
the filters and filter buttons (Enable Filter and Clear Filter) so the 
emphasis of the page was on searching for entities. Whilst we dont have list 
customisation I tried restructuring the list.php.html output by moving a 
section of code in the printList function of ERW.php such that the filters 
and filter buttons were outputted above the rest of the form elements, i.e 
above the entity display list, movement buttons, default buttons and button 
hooks.  This looks and works well, but it's a source code edit that would 
need to be re-customised with installation of each release of ERW.  An 
alternative method could be if there was a facility to set the tabindex of 
elements so the initial focus could be set to the first filter input control.

Also similar to the previous poster's comment this isn't a request for 
immediate implementation, but if these ideas are off the agenda for the short 
term I may attempt to adapt ERW to do some of this here and if it works pass 
on the changes.


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