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[Erw-devel] New beta

From: erw-devel
Subject: [Erw-devel] New beta
Date: 13 Sep 2003 01:44:25 +0200

I made so many changes that this new one is 0.9.9b1.

We are steadily moving towards 1.0!

Besides many fixes, and a lot of code semplification, here are the main
new features (they are still undocumented, so please read here):

- New variables with more information about types and ids in hooks (see

- You can set tabindex in erf files, and it will be passed to HTML.

- You can use owner_usr and share_grp in attribute specifiers, both in
labels and in filters.

- ERF has a new label attribute that let you change the label of an

- r1 and r1s work interchangeably everywhere except in filters. You can
have r1 in embedded forms (a bit confusive, but if you want it...).

- You can customise embedded forms (i.e., attributes of relationship
types, weak entity types and filesets). Just add a form key (say,
"person-emb" or "person-in-marriage") using the attribute form to your
preferred list element (note that now filesets are represented by a
*list*, not by an *input* element). Certain things cannot be put in an
embedded form (any relationship type except r1 and r1s), and you must
mark a form as embedded setting the attribute emb to true in the element
erf. --default-forms generates now a simple embedded form for all types,
so just have a look.

- Most importantly, filters can now be set to predefined values. You
have two keys (at the same level of "type"): "default" and "operator".
The first is (as for standard fields) an SQL expression that will be
evaluated (must be an ISO date for dates, 0 or 1 for booleans, or a
legal value for selects, etc.). The second is a constant string, "<",
"=" or ">", with obvious meaning.

I modified a lot of code, so if you see a strange behaviour just write
here 8^).



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