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[Erw-devel] relation leg editable=false problem

From: erw-devel
Subject: [Erw-devel] relation leg editable=false problem
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 18:56:11 +1000


I have noticed a bug with ERW version 0.9.9b1.

The editable="false" used to work for both legs of a relation in ERW 0.9.8b2 
and previous versions, however with ERW 0.9.9b1 it looks like 
editable="false" is only hiding the relation on the form in the second leg of 
a relation.  
i.e in the example below the "sectionmodify" relation unexpectedly appeared 
on the "section" form, but was ok (hidden/non-editable) on the "usr" form.

<rel id="sectionmodify" label="Section - Usr (Modified By)" absorbable="true">
   <leg entref="section" label="Modified By" lower="0" upper="1" 
   <leg entref="usr" label="Sections Modified" lower="0" upper="N" 

<ent id="section" label="Section">
   <attr id="code" label="Section Number" size="15" mand="true" />
   <attr id="name" label="Section Title" size="100" mand="true" />
   <attr id="modifydate" label="Modify Date" type="date" hidden="true" /> 

Entity "usr" is based on auth.xml so there is no need to include it here.

Note, the above problem is observed on the standard entity form pages before 
any form customisation with ertool --default-forms, ertool --forms.  However, 
for your information the following recent fix in the form customisation 
worked fine.
>I was indeed not checking editability and in some case hidden
>attributes. Now hidden attributes and non-editable lists are not
>included in the form (missing attributes will be filled automagically
>with hidden attributes anyway).


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