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[Esp-action-alert] Israel: one month to end software patents

From: Ciaran O'Riordan
Subject: [Esp-action-alert] Israel: one month to end software patents
Date: Fri, 08 Jan 2010 00:37:07 +0000
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Israel: one month to end software patents

I need help contacting groups in Israel.  With a February deadline, the
Israeli patent office is asking if it should grant software patents.  To
help, join this mailing list:

* address@hidden
* sign up form:

As usual, the small businesses, individual programmers, and software user
groups don’t seem to have noticed this consultation.  This is common in
public consultations – but you can bet the lawyers groups and the
multinationals are aware and working on their submissions.  So I need help
with informing people in Israel now so they have some time to get prepare

Information pages:


I don’t have any contacts in Israel.  I’ve searched around for the sort of
groups that should be interested but have only found two programmer
groups.  Some good news: they both use English as their working language, so
there’s no need to worry about not knowing the national languages.

I’ve recently examined the submissions to a few public consultations, and
I’ve noticed that software developers, small businesses, and software user
groups don’t participate much.  Three examples are Europe, the USA, and
Australia.[links hereafter] So there’s a worry that the patent office, even
in good faith, is failing to reach the people who will suffer the negative
effects of software patents.


The Israeli courts have thrown out software patents, so there’s a real
chance to end software patents there.  It would be a terrible missed
opportunity if software ideas became patentable just because a consultation
reached the wrong people.

Lawyers groups and big multinationals are usually aware of these
consultations, and they have the resources and procedural know-how to
participate.  Please help raise awareness of this.

(While I’m ringing alarm bells, I should mention that Australia is going to
have a software patent legislative proposal soon.  I’ll put out more info on
that soon. )

Ciarán O'Riordan,
Executive Director, End Software Patents
+32 487 64 17 54

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