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[Fastcgipp-users] fastcgi++ over a persistent unix domain socket?

From: Langevin
Subject: [Fastcgipp-users] fastcgi++ over a persistent unix domain socket?
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010 04:45:00 +0200
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hi all,

i'd like to make a fastcgi++ based web application to work with the
nginx http server.
the nginx doc (1) says that nginx will not start my application (as some
other http servers do) and that i should start it separately and have it
listen on a socket.
i did get that to work with the stock fastcgi library (2), but not with
from my understanding of the class reference, i would have to provide
the file descriptor id of a socket as argument to the constructor of
Fastcgipp::Manager. I didn't get that to work.
So i was wondering: do you guys have any working example code that would
show how to do that?

i.e. a simple fastcgi++ program that would open a named socket and use
it to communicate with the web server (who knows the path of the socket
where my app is listening)?

Best Regards,

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