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[ff3d-users] Applying Boundary conditions

From: Juzar Thingna
Subject: [ff3d-users] Applying Boundary conditions
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2009 11:40:00 +0800

Hello Everyone,
Below is my POV file

1   union{
2   box{<0,0,0>,<1000000,1,1000000>}
3   box {<250000,1,450000>,<350000,10000001,550000>}
4   box {<740000,1,495000>,<750000,10000002,505000>}
5   pigment {color rgb <1,0,0>}
6   }

I have the following questions.
1) I need to apply Dirichlet Boundary conditions to face ymax of Box in line 3 and a different Dirichlet condition to face ymax of Box in line 4. Is it possible in ff3d to apply boundary conditions by specifying a plane by co-ordinates rather than ymax. If so how can this be done? Box in line 4 is slightly larger than Box in line 3. Also if I specify the BC at ymax does it apply the condition on the global ymax of the geometry ( in this case it would be y=10000002) or does it apply it to the local ymax at each point of the geometry?

2) As you can see my numbers are very large so I'll need a very fine mesh. Will such numbers cause any numerical errors while transferring from POV to ff3d?

Juzar Thingna
Center for Computation Science and Engineering
National University of Singapore

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