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[FLOWER-general] ecumenical study hall

From: Kenneth Childress
Subject: [FLOWER-general] ecumenical study hall
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 09:30:34 +0300

She could not haveborne Richards sarcastic comments on Agness poor spelling and poorerpenmanship. Impatiently she shook her head and turned to listen to voices in thepassage. No, thetruth is, shes just too pretty to be of the least practical use.
Insensitive to Mahonys attitude, he ran on. For Tillys gloss on the affair ran: PURD HEARDFROM A MAN WHO WAS ON BOARD THE SAME SHIP.
How she did wish she had somebody to talkto!
Papa was verypolite to them, and said Good morning! They were those of Richard and a patient; but chieflyRichards.
He set off on his morning round, following the path that ran alongsidethe Lagoon.
Mamma came out of the dining-room, a needle in one hand, a long threadof cotton in the other. For he had carried his talkative fit over to strangers aswell . Mahonys impatient Why on earth didnt you send for me sooner?
She changes her underclothing every day of the week. They didnt take their pipes out; and some ofthem looked as if they thought Papa was funny .
Henry; and opening it in some trepidationMary read the sad news of Agness death.
If Emmy cant look after her own little cousins.
I thinkfirst her fathers death, and then Jackys have thoroughly spoiledher.
For when in one of his really blackmoods, he seemed to retire where words could not get at him.
Or had he, in burying himself in this wildbush, committed the crowning folly of his life? Trees and bushes, jet-blackon one side, were white as if with hoar frost on the other.
To the fewfeelers she threw out, he declared himself exaggeratedly well content.

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